Intouch Products

Our Northwood Intouch service gives clients the confidence and independence to live in their own homes. We also provide peace of mind to families, who can’t always be there. Our solutions range from fall detection to stove safety, and being non-profit means that we’re fully committed to giving back to our communities. Want to know what makes us different? 

Solutions and products:

Stove Safety

  • Stove Sensor


As its’ name suggests, this is the personal alert button that you can take anywhere! Whether it’s walking, gardening, tinkering in the garage, or even going for long Sunday drives, this device can come along to provide security and peace of mind.

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Basic Alarm

Our best seller for over 34 years! Affordable and easy to use, this basic button can be worn around your neck or wrist so help is always at your fingertips.

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Automatic Fall Detection

Whether you've had a fall or are worried about falling, this button offers the added protection of automatic fall detection.

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Stove Sensor

If the oven or burners are left unattended, the stove sensor will shut it off automatically. Rather than sounding an alarm after the fact, this device helps prevent fires before they begin.

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Medication Dispenser

The medication dispenser holds 28 doses of medication. Program it to dispense the correct doses at the appropriate times of the day, and lock the unit for added security.

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Bed Sensor

With the bed sensor, an alert will be sent if you haven’t gone to bed, or gotten out of bed, by a predetermined time. Or, if you happen to get out of bed during the night and don’t return.

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Fall Prevention Questionnaire

Each year, one in three adults age 65 and over falls. Falls can cause moderate to severe injuries like hip fractures and head traumas, and if not reached in time, can increase the risk of early death. Complete this simple questionnaire to see if a medical alarm can help.

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