About Research and Innovation at Northwood

It all started with an idea. A desire to do something better, something new for seniors and vulnerable adults. Northwood has an over 50 year legacy of innovating, introducing and sharing interesting and inspiring new ideas, and first-time concepts into the continuing care sector.

As a leading organization, we investigate, integrate and contribute to the ever-expanding knowledge base of continuing care in Canada. In our pursuit of excellence, and in challenging the status quo, we seek to establish and enhance our understanding of facts, principles and knowledge, for the betterment of our clients and the betterment of society.

Northwood is proud of its legacy of service to the community. We have led by example and consistently pushed the boundaries of our knowledge. In order to continue to respond to the changing needs of our community, we must be willing to embrace change and encourage innovation.

Northwood welcomes invitations to collaborate in your research, focused on aging, from all sectors and industries.


Why was this strategy and goals developed?

Northwood remains committed to developing a research strategy with priorities informed by the people we serve, our key partnerships and resource requirements. We recognize that students are our future, and continue to build and expand our support for student learning, as well as sharing our expertise within the broader community and health system.”

What are Northwood’s Research Goals? 

  1. To increase research activities that promote quality of life for the older adult’s population in a sustainable manner
  2. To develop the expertise and infrastructure to support meaningful research facilitated by Northwood
  3. To find methods to ensure positive research findings are implemented at Northwood
  4. To strengthen our connection with the academic research institutes
  5. Participate in knowledge dissemination through our Northwood Research Symposium and share our findings with the scientific and Nova Scotian communities.