Automatic Medication Dispenser For Canadians

A Programmable, Automated Medication Dispenser

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 700,000 emergency room visits and 120,000 hospitalizations result each year because people either miss their medications, take the wrong dose, or suffer an adverse reaction from taking the wrong combination of drugs.

Why? Memory challenges, poor vision, and difficulty telling the difference between pills are just a few of the many issues. That’s why Northwood Intouch offers this automatic medication dispenser.

Medication Dispensing Systems – How Do They Work?

Our modern medication dispenser holds 28 doses of medication. Fill the unit’s storage compartments with medications, program it to dispense the correct doses at the appropriate times of the day, and lock the unit for security.

Modern dispensing systems are designed keeping in mind the real-world scenarios and how they can accommodate the caregiver in their patient care. Caregiving can be a highly demanding job, therefore for their well-being, the carer needs to have some time apart from the patient.  This is where a pill dispensing system comes in and allows both the caregiver and the patient to have more freedom and liberty without compromising on their medical needs.

Automatic Medication Dispenser Canada

Automated Dispensing Pill Organizers

Our home Canadian medication dispenser is among the family of products designed to aid the elderly and aged citizens who find it difficult to keep track of their daily routine, and need a helpful reminder.

With the introduction of devices with subscription models, it has become quite affordable for senior citizens to buy such a machine. So, if you need a reliable pill reminder solution for your loved ones’ daily dosing you should get a medicine dispenser.

The Benefits of our Digital Medication Dispenser

  • Alarms alert the user, and send pill medication reminders when it’s time to take certain medicines, reducing medication errors.
  • The Tamper-proof compartments eliminate the risk of improper or unscheduled doses and help gives individuals peace of mind when it comes to their meds.
  • Large, easy-to-read display allows for simple setup and is easily viewed from any angle by users.
  • 48-hour battery back-up.
  • Great for complex medication regimens.
  • Automatic pill dispensing reduces the risk of hospitalization.
  • Offers peace of mind for you, caregivers, and your loved ones.
  • Easy to use, reliable and at an affordable price.


Pricing information:

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A Programmable, Automatic Pill Dispenser

Reviews for our Automatic Pill Dispenser

They have the security of knowing if they need help they just have to press the button and someone will ask if they need help.

Sherry Prepper

Automatic Medication Dispenser FAQS

You might need an automatic pill dispenser to maintain your elderly family member’s medication schedule properly. As we all know that medication adherence is extremely essential when it comes to treating life-threatening conditions. It not only reduces the hassle but also provides the patient and their family peace of mind.

The automatic pill dispenser uses alarm alerts to notify your loved one about their medication up to 4 times per day(according to their medication dose). 

Healthcare professionals recommend automatic pill dispensers to patients that have cognitive disabilities, experience forgetfulness, and live independently so they do not miss out on their daily medication.

Healthcare providers have also incorporated this technology into their healthcare plans to streamline medication management for their patients.

Deciding between a pill organizer or an automatic pill dispenser will depend upon several factors.

Dosettes and blister packaging are both options for pill organizing.

A dosette is a container with compartments to organize pills by day of the week and is done at home.  They can be purchased at the local pharmacy and are low cost options for simple medication schedules.  

For multiple medications at different times of day, pharmacies offer blister packaging that pre-measure medications for clients.  Medications are organized by day and time that make it easy to keep track of doses. 

If certain pharmaceuticals need to be taken at very specific times of day or there is a history or forgetting doses, then having an automated medication dispenser will help.

Not necessarily. While the device does alarm and let the user know it’s time to take their medications, the client needs to understand and know how to respond to the alarm in order for it to be a good solution. They must also want to be compliant with their prescriptions. If they do not want to take certain medications, this device can not overcome that.