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Your all-in-one personal safety solution!

As its’ name suggests, this is the personal alert button that you can take anywhere!  Whether it’s walking, gardening, tinkering in the garage, or even going for long Sunday drives, this device can come along to provide security and peace of mind.  Intouch On-the-MOVE! is like having our base unit and button all in one and will work anywhere in Canada, wherever there is cell service.

With a built-in SIM card, Intouch On-the-MOVE! is ready to use as soon as you receive it, no installation is required.   Included with the device are a small cradle charger, a neck cord, and a belt clip.  You can choose how you’d like to wear it and even change it up!

Like our other buttons, our operators know who you are when you press your button.  They will talk to you through the two-way speaker in the pendant and you can tell them exactly what’s happening and what type of help you need.  They take it from there and send help right away!

On-the-move device for seniors Northwood Intouch


Who is it for?

  • Active agers who are on the go and not solely at home. They may walk regularly, do work in the yard, tinker in the workshop, cut wood, drive…anything outside the home where they may be alone and at risk. Our aim is for this device to prolong independence while providing peace of mind to the user and their family.
  • Clients who don’t have a landline. Because this device is cellular, no landline is required.
  • Lone workers
To learn if this device is right for your situation, please give us a call at (902)-492-3346 or 1-800-461-3346 to learn more.

Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited range!  Can be used inside and out, wherever there is cell service. This means greater independence and peace of mind for wherever you may venture!
  • Intouch On-the-MOVE! has built-in fall detection that can be turned on or off depending on your needs.  There are no additional fees for fall detection and it can be changed anytime by calling our office.
  • Easy charging using a cradle charger. That means no small cords to fiddle with and it’s easy to see when the device is charged.
  • Voice prompts when the battery is low as well as an indicator on the button so your device can always stay charged
  • Voice prompt indicating cellular service strength when the device turns on so you know you have adequate coverage
  • A highly sensitive 2-way speaker, making it easy to communicate with the response centre operators
  • Light indicator to show when cell service is weak
On-the-move device for seniors Northwood Intouch

On-the-MOVE! Frequently Asked Questions

While this device does have a GPS feature, it has not been designed specifically for someone with dementia.  GPS is a technology that is not 100% reliable, 100% of the time and therefore we don’t recommend that this device be used for that purpose.  If the person with dementia is capable of pushing the button and charging the device daily, it could potentially be used as a help button, however it would vary by individuals.

No, no cell phone required! Intouch On-the-MOVE! contains a SIM card that is unique to it and works all on its own.  So no additional billing from a cellular provider, just a single flat rate bill from Northwood Intouch.

When your call connects to the response centre, the operator is able to speak with you through the speaker and find out what’s happening and where you are.  As a back-up, the device does have GPS, however due to the fact that GPS is not always accurate, we do not encourage you to rely on this feature on its own.

You talk to the operator through a speaker in the button.  Just hold to your mouth and speak in the button and you will hear that operator speak back.

This button is water resistant and  is ok to get wet in shower or bath.

Northwood Intouch has been offering personal alert services for more than 35 years and we stand behind all of the equipment that we offer.   While this button is portable and easy to use, there may be reasons that someone would choose a different style of button.  Intouch On-the-MOVE! needs to be charged on a daily basis and is larger in size.  If someone doesn’t leave the house alone or may not remember to charge it, they may be best suited with a traditional home-based system.

Manufacturer specs say that it can last up to 36 hours, depending on use and the cell reception. We recommend that the device be charged daily.

Numera Companion Pendant

The Companion Pendant

The Companion Pendant is a small button that will call for help via the On the Move when you need help. It can be worn around the neck or on the wrist – and is water resistant.  Perfect for wearing to bed or in the bath/shower.

The Companion Pendant connects to the On the Move device by Bluetooth.​

Intouch Pendant
  • Easy one button operation.
  • 300-plus foot signal will cover all areas of most homes.
  • Signal travels through walls and around corners (line of sight not required).
  • Water resistant enclosure (safe for shower and bath).
  • Each Companion Pendant is individually serialized so multiple remotes can be used in the same location.
  • Understated design – The pendant may be worn on the lanyard or in the wristband
  • 2 year battery that does not need to be charged.

    Please note that the companion pendant does not have automatic fall detection.

Intouch Watch

Pricing information:

Additional monthly fees apply.  

Please call for pricing:  (902) 492-3346 or 1-800-461-3346

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