About Northwood

Northwood: Live more

"It’s not just about the care we provide, but also the conversation we have while doing it."

Northwood: Live moreNorthwood began in 1962 as a social movement in response to the plight of seniors living alone in Halifax. What emerged was a shared belief that people, committed to an ideal, could make a difference in the world. Since its inception, Northwood has become a powerful voice for seniors in Nova Scotia, demanding a new approach to aging in place.

Today, we are the largest not-for-profit continuing care organization in Atlantic Canada, but what does this mean for you? It means that Northwood is a place of “firsts.” When life changes, and society changes, Northwood leads the way, incorporating revolutionary designed, responsive care. From new ideas to new technologies, we are empowered to do this, because our focus is on people, not on profit margins.

We have led the way for over 55 years as Nova Scotia’s dynamic continuing care organization committed to innovation and change. We are recognized both here at home and across Canada as an extraordinary example of the power of social justice, but we like to call it the power of love!

Organizational Structure

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Our Vision

People living life to the fullest, flourishing in a community of belonging, dignity and choice.

Our Mission

As a leader in continuing care, we build meaningful relationships with our clients everyday and make a positive difference in the communities we serve.

Our Core Values

People Come First

We believe treating each other with respect and dignity builds the trust that is essential to our effective relationships. We foster the talent and potential in everyone.

Expectation: Seek to understand and act with kindness

We Respect Everyone

Each of us is responsible for ensuring that all members of the Northwood Community feels welcomed, valued and safe. We celebrate diversity with open minds and open hearts.

Expectation: Treat others with respect and without judgement

Everyone Plays a Part

We value a vibrant and diverse community where contributions are recognized and celebrated. We are stronger together.

Expectation: Share what you know, ask for what you need, step up when you can help

We Promote Social Justice

We believe in using our voice to influence positive change and fairness.

Expectation: Speak up for positive change, fairness and choice

We Are All Accountable

Each person is accountable for their actions in delivering service, proper use and respect of resources,  fostering healthy relationships, and living our values.

Expectation: Accept personal responsibility to make every encounter a positive one

We Can Always Do Better

Achieving excellence in all our programs and services is based on learning from our mistakes, applying the best evidence and setting the highest standards. We value our ability to challenge the status quo in pursuing new opportunities.

Expectation: Challenge thinking, learn more, do better

Northwood’s Strategic Plan

Learn more about our vision for the future:

Strategy to Action Promotional Booklet