Welcome! We would like to introduce you to the team of amazing individuals who make up Northwood Intouch.

We are a group of caring individuals who want to help you. We are here to listen, provide support and offer solutions to your situation. This may be through our organization or through services offered through our community partners.

“One touch puts you intouch with the help you need when you need it.” ~ The Northwood Team

Karen Morash – Customer Care


Karen is often the first voice you’ll hear when you contact Northwood Intouch. She’s the one to go to when you want to apply and or learn more about what we have to offer. Karen brings a personal touch and is warm and friendly. She is a great listener and will always take the time to make sure our clients feel great about the decisions they are making.

  • Her favourite hobby is spending time at her cottage in PEI.
  • She loves everything that Nova Scotia has to offer.
  • Her favourite quotes is “It’s never too late.”
  • She loves working at Northwood Intouch because she is able to help people.
  • Karen has been working at Northwood Intouch for 8 years.

Gregg – Technical Department Head and Volunteer Relations Coordinator


A native of Newfoundland,  he brings a lot of fun to our team. Along with being the only male who works full time  in an office full of women (a feat in itself), he is someone who will always go the extra mile for our customers. He will often step in to help with marketing, helps staff trade shows and he will always lend a hand when it’s needed.

  • Gregg’s favourite pass time is golfing in the summer and Fall.
  • He loves that Nova Scotia allows him to be so close to the ocean. He also enjoys he culture and history of the province.
  • His favourite quote is “Do or do not do. There is no try”.
  • He loves working at Northwood because “My team members and getting the opportunity to assist Nova Scotia seniors each day.”
  • He has been working at Northwood Intouch for 21 years in this coming October.

Colleen Borden –  Inventory and Technical Support Representative


In her role, Colleen has an in-depth understanding of the Northwood Intouch equipment and is often the person trouble-shooting any problems the equipment may have. She follows up on daily reports to ensure the service is working properly for all clients and is able to assist them in fixing most issues right over the phone.

  • Colleen’s favourite pass times are walking, puzzles, bingo and volunteering in the community.
  • Her favourite part about Nova Scotia that there is much to explore in our own backyard.
  • Her favourite quotes is “Never give up!”
  • She loves working at Northwood Intouch because it gives her the gratification to keep others living independently in the community.
  • She has been with Northwood company since 1994 with Intouch since 2005… 15 years.

Joann Campbell – Customer Service Representative


She looks after processing incoming paperwork, confirming client information, takes calls for any changes of information a client might have as well as all cancellations.

Tina Solberg – Financial Services

Tina looks after everything to do with billing and payments.  If you need a receipt or have a question about your account, she is the person to connect with!

  • Favorite Hobby is gardening
  • Favorite thing about Nova Scotia is that I live here
  • Favorite quote “don’t worry be happy”
  • Love working at Northwood because of the co-workers
  • I have been with Northwood 24 years