Northwood Live More Newspaper

The Northwood Live More Newspaper covers stories from Northwood’s two campuses and the different program areas such as long-term care, Intouch, Community Recreation & Wellness, Home Care, Health Services, the Northwood Foundation, Adult Day, Assisted Living and Retirement Living. The newspaper is created by Northwood’s communications department and will be replacing a former magazine-style publication known as “Live More Magazine”. Moving from a magazine to a newspaper saves costs and allows for that money to go toward other initiatives. Ad space is also being sold in the newspaper which also helps to offset the costs.

You can look forward to the Live More Newspaper on a quarterly basis. Newspapers are available in racks at the Halifax Campus, Bedford Campus and corporate office in Dartmouth.

Ideas? Submissions?

If you have ideas for stories or would like to play a role in creating editorial content on a volunteer basis, we’d love to hear from you.
Send the Northwood Communications team an email and share your ideas!

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