Home Care

We understand how important living at home is.

Home Care offers supports for you and your family by providing home support, respite and palliative care so you can continue to live at home. 

Northwood provides both Private Home Care and home support services through Nova Scotia’s publicly funded Home Care program.

Man clearing or removing snow

A reminder for Home Care Clients and their Families:

During the winter season, please remember to keep your driveways, walkways, and steps clear from ice and snow. Keep your outside lights on at night too.

It is for your safety as well as for the Home Care staff. Their safety is important to us and we hope it is important to you as well.

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Northwood’s Adult Day Program.

Supporting people with dementia and their families. Northwood's Adult Day Program provides flexible individualized programming, socialization and companionship with supervision.

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You can’t always be there for them but Northwood Intouch can.

Regain the independence and peace of mind you both deserve with Northwood Intouch. As a not-for-profit your best interests are also our own.