I just want to say a big THANK YOU for helping my mom and probably saving her life on last Wednesday. She fell on Wednesday when going to her shed... and thanks to the Intouch program, she was able to press her help button and people came to the rescue. It turns out her bone in her lower leg below the knee fractured in two places, puncturing the skin. She dropped to the ground. Your quick response to her "call for help" saved her as she was losing quite a bit of blood. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

After a serious fall, my mother enrolled with InTouch. She had on 3-4 occasions afterwards, reason to call you. Your staff are exceptional and deal wit the elderly in superior fashion. Responses are fast and efficient. My mother recently passed away after a serious stoke. Returning the unit was simple/ Great service. Should be marketed to all who live alone or who are older.

I am so happy to have this. It has provided so much confidence and when I tested and they answered so quickly to ask if I was okay, it was the greatest thing ever. This is amazing and I am so happy to have it. You can use me as an ad cause this is the best thing ever.

Effective product and services for my mother in the last years of her life. Thank you!

Nima H.

Having this service for my husband gave us both peace of mind in knowing that when I had to leave our home that he was in fact still receiving supervision with regard to an emergency. All he had to do to was push the button on the pendant or if he fell, the pendant would be activated and help would be on the way soon. This is a wonderful service and the people at Northwood Intouch, as well as the volunteers who installed it are amazing. Thank you, thank you so much!

I had a stroke about a year ago. Due to my Northwood Intouch, I received help immediately. I firmly believe it saved my life because I got to the hospital so soon and I got the care I needed. I am doing fine now and wish to thank you for the exceptional service.

"It allows family and care givers up to six different reminder messages, that will play when specified. This will remind them to take their medication, check blood sugars, and keep appointments. This takes a little worrying off the family by having this added security in place."​

It gives caregivers comfort knowing that their families and loved ones can live at home and keep their independence when they cannot be there 24/7 to make sure they’re safe and that help is just a button away

Amy Bouer

"Peace of mind for families, clients can use their pedants to answer the phone when we call and it’s on less worry for everyone that the client don’t have to run to the phone"

I know that if I should happen to fall or any other emergency happens to me while I’m alone that I can get help right away. It’s a real comfort to me knowing I can always get help with Northwood Intouch.

Mildred Dunn

"Provides assurance for your loved one’s wellbeing knowing that they can call for help if you can’t be there, and help will be there within in a few moments. There’s also the reassurance of knowing that there can be daily check in set up."