Stove Sensor

Unattended cooking equipment is the leading contributing factor to kitchen fires, with the elderly and persons with disabilities being especially vulnerable.

How it Works

The Northwood Intouch Stove Sensor constantly monitors motion in the area around a kitchen stove. If the oven or burners are left unattended, it shuts off automatically stopping fires before they can begin. 

The stove sensor does not require an electrician and is easy to install. It  can be programmed to meet the needs of each user. The sensor plugs into the outlet in the wall and the stove plugs into the sensor. This allows the sensor to have full control over that outlet. In the event that the oven is left on or a burner is left unattended, the sensor will cut all power to that outlet, automatically turning the oven/burners off. Once the alarm on the sensor has been cleared by the user and/or caregiver it will restore power to the outlet and stove. 


More security for their loved one, allowing them to live more confidently in their own home, knowing that help is always available.

Nancy Smith

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