Board of Governors

About the Board

Northwood’s Board of Governors is elected by the corporate membership at its annual general meeting in June.

  • Each member serves a regular term of three years.
  • There are no less than ten and no more than fourteen people on the Board at any one time.

Board Composition

In selecting individuals to serve on the Northwood Board, we consider the skills sets required by the Board using a combination of scanning results, dialogue at the Board table, reviewing internal and external factors that the organization may be facing facing in the future and looking at the directions being pursued by Northwood in the next number of years. We further nominate new members to our Board based on a number of considerations including how the candidate’s contribution will compliment the strengths of other Board members, range of skills, interest, knowledge, diversity and available volunteer time.

Board’s Role

  • As a “committee of the whole,” the Board sets organizational ends, develops policies that provide clear direction to the Chief Executive Officer for the successful operation of the organization and monitors whether these policies are being successfully met within the limitations set.
  • The Board realizes its strategic direction and governs Northwood through active and effective governance mechanisms that include: Ends Policies; Executive Requirements; Governance Process and Northwood Board’s Reserve Decisions.
  • The Board establishes and maintains an interactive relationship with the community it serves and in relation to established strategic directions.
  • The Board performs an advocacy role as appropriate and required. 

Join our Board of Governors and help make a difference!

Northwood is the largest not-for-profit continuing care organization in Atlantic Canada, but what does this mean for you? It means that Northwood is a place of “firsts.” When life changes, and society changes, Northwood leads the way, incorporating revolutionary designed, responsive care. From new ideas to new technologies, we are empowered to do this, because our focus is on people, not on profit margins. We have led the way for more than 55 years as Nova Scotia’s most dynamic continuing care organization committed to innovation and change. We are recognized both here at home and across Canada as an extraordinary example of the power of social justice.

With annual expenditures of $90 M, assets of $100M, and a staff and volunteer force in excess of 2000 people, we serve over 6500 clients daily, primarily throughout Nova Scotia.

How to nominate a candidate.

Any Member may nominate a candidate to serve on the Board by way of a letter of nomination that is signed by the nominator. Such a nomination may be seconded and endorsed by the nominee, and shall be delivered to the Chair of the Nominating Committee on or before May 15th of each year.