Government Assistance Program Information

Long-term care is paid for jointly by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness and by you, the long-term care recipient.

If you cannot pay the full standard accommodation charges, you can apply to have your rate reduced by undergoing an income-based financial assessment. As part of the financial assessment, you’ll be asked to provide your income tax information (e.g. Notice of Assessment provided by Canada Revenue Agency) for the designated tax year.

A financial assessment considers your net income as well as the income of a spouse, partner and/or dependent child. Long-term care residents are not expected to pay more than 85% of their assessed income toward accommodation charges. The financial assessment does not take into account any assets you may have (e.g. house, car, etc.) nor will you be expected to sell your assets to pay for accommodation charges. Financial reviews are conducted annually. You may also request a review at any time if your financial situation changes significantly.

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