Quality & Performance

Quality is best shaped by understanding the experiences of our clients, families, staff, and the public.

Safety and quality are at the heart of everything that Northwood does. It is also embedded in our values – “we can always do better.” Our strategic directions put client safety at the forefront while at the same time balancing a client’s need for dignity and choice. To ensure that we remain transparent, accountable and focused on continuous quality improvement, Northwood tracks, and reports on various client quality of care indicators. This data is used to inform our day-to-day operations, and ensures Northwood continues to evolve and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of client care.

Below are a few Northwood client care indicators. Click on each indicator for more information. Data is updated annually based on the fiscal year (April-March).

Hand Hygiene Indicator
Hand Hygiene at Northwood
Resident Incident Rate Indicator
Resident Incident Rates per 1000 Beds
Pressure Injury Prevalence Indicator
Pressure Injury Prevalence
Restraint Client Care Indicator
% of Residents with a Restraint
LTC Resident Experience Survey
LTC Family Experience Survey
Homecare Client Experience Survey