Basic Alarm

The Basic Alarm is our standard personal alarm.

Worn on the wrist or around the neck, the system is activated when the button is pressed.

While traditionally thought of for medical emergencies, our buttons can be pressed for any type of emergency, be it fire, home invasion, etc.

How it Works

The unit connects to a regular telephone jack and enables the signal from the help button to our Emergency Response Centre. A two-way speaker allows for hands-free communication between the subscriber and operator, and also acts as a speakerphone for regular phone calls.

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Who can benefit?

  • Often home alone or living alone
  • Managing a disability or chronic condition
  • At risk for falls, breathing difficulties, heart conditions or mobility issues
  • Discharged from the hospital needing added support from home
  • Having difficulty using a regular phone
  • Managing a complicated medical regimen


24/7 monitoring

2-way voice feature allows client to talk to the operator through a highly sensitive speaker in the base unit

Waterproof button

Indicator light on button to show when button has been pressed

Button has lightweight design and long battery life

Button can be used to answer incoming calls hands free

Base unit has back up battery good for 24 hours

Optional programmable reminders – up to six, 30-second messages can be recorded to remind user to take pills, attend an appointment or anything else they may need a reminder for

Optional inactivity alarms – the client can set timers that they need to re-set every 12 or 24 hours. If missed, Response Centre will be alerted. 


Basic Service is a flat rate of $43/month

Add-on: It’s an additional $5/month per extra button required

With all that Intouch has provided for families and caregivers, gives them a piece of mind and a reassurance of safety in their environment

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Automatic Fall Detection

Even if you can’t call for help, your button will do it for you! Lightweight and discreet, with a range of wearing options plus adjustable sensitivity, the fall alert pendant provides constant care, automatically.

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Bed Alarm

With the bed alarm, an alert will be sent if you haven’t gone to bed, or gotten out of bed, by a predetermined time. Or, if you happen to get out of bed during the night and don’t return.

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