Strategic Plan

Hearing the Call

We’ve all heard the warnings. As a society, we are getting older. For the first time in history, seniors will outnumber children under the age of five. According to statistics, there are currently an estimated five million Canadians who are 65 years or older. That number is expected to double in the next 25 years. By 2051, nearly one in four Canadians will be 65 years or older.

Is Northwood ready?

Leading organizations constantly innovate, adapt to changing environments and take advantage of emerging opportunities. Northwood’s legacy reflects our commitment to change. In 2011, Northwood introduced a plan to re-focus our services to meet the needs of an aging society.

Introduced in a document called, Our Path 2011-2014 it laid out a plan to encourage innovation and growth through a sense of empowerment. Our Path became a catalyst for change. Services were grouped under two key areas: supporting those living in the community and providing a range of options for those choosing to live within our walls. We looked at ways to enhance the client experience and adapt services to respond to the people we served. We changed our organizational structure to break down barriers to innovation and ensure everyone played a part in determining our future.

Looking to the future

n 2013, the Board engaged with key stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization, to develop a new plan, built on the achievements from 2011 – 2014.

According to Janet Simm, Northwood’s new President and CEO, Northwood was founded on a commitment to community service. “We embrace our moral responsibility to care for our elders and enhance the well-being of those who live in the community,” she says. “We are here to change things; not to maintain the status quo.”

Over the next five years, Northwood will maintain its focus on the client by ensuring the quality of all we do; to continue to grow, maintain and enhance the services we provide, to stand above the crowd, to advocate for a stronger, more responsive system and to be a workplace of choice for dedicated and committed people. Northwood is proud to introduce its strategic directions for 2014 – 2019.

Program Development and Growth: Achieving excellence in care and services

Northwood recognizes the reality of an aging society. Programs will reflect the changing needs of our clients and feature a flexible approach that puts the client at the centre of our efforts. We recognize the value of evidence based practises and research in helping us influence future direction. We remain committed to achieving excellence through stabilizing, strengthening and positioning our existing programs to meet current and future demands.

Brand Awareness: Getting to know us

Brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company and how it relates to key constituencies: clients, family, staff, volunteers, partners and donors. A strong brand integrates multiple components, all of them necessary, including customer interactions, employee communications, corporate philosophy and advertising/marketing efforts. Under brand awareness, Northwood will capitalize on its name and reputation to promote a better understanding of our continuum of services.

Advocacy: Using our influence

Northwood has long been a voice for seniors and people at risk and their determination to live life to the fullest. Northwood uses its knowledge, expertise and support for research to represent the needs of the population we serve. We do that be supporting initiatives for them to advocate for themselves and stand up for those who cannot speak. As an organization, we commit to speaking up on issues that are critical to us in carrying out our mandate, to influence discussion at a system level and, when appropriate, take public positions on issues that are important.

Housing: Building for the future

Northwood was founded to provide services and affordable housing options to seniors. With an aging infrastructure and increased competition in the market, a new vision for housing is required. How can we better meet the needs of the population we serve? Are there gaps in the current continuum we could address?

Human Resources: An employer of choice

Northwood has been voted one of Atlantic Canada’s top employers two years running. It’s an award that’s important to us and supports our ongoing efforts to recruit new staff to meet our future needs. Over the next five years, Northwood will focus on developing new approaches to recruitment, encouraging individuals to enter the profession and supporting our people to reach their full potential.