Strategic Plan

Taking up the challenge

Northwood recognizes and embraces its responsibility to care for older adults and those at risk, and enhance the well-being of those who live in the community. We exist to change things; not to maintain the status quo.

Lead the development of new models of community living

Exploring the development of housing models for people with behavioural issues/challenging behavior. Providing navigation services to support people to continue living in their community with the help of programs and services available to them.

Beyond accommodations: A holistic approach to housing

Northwood is committed to improving personal accommodations for those living in long term care at the Halifax Campus, addressing unmet housing needs for persons with disabilities, developing new housing models and continuing to expand availability and make investments in the current Retirement Living Program.

Be a learning and teaching organization

Northwood remains committed to developing a research strategy with priorities informed by the people we serve, our key partnerships and resource requirements. We recognize that students are our future, and continue to build and expand our support for student learning, as well as sharing our expertise within the broader community and health system.

Strategy to Action Priorities: A trusted voice in matters of fairness, dignity and uncompromising Standards of Care.

Northwood continues to focus on messaging to the general public about how we are solving the problems of the health system, and telling our stories. Northwood uses its knowledge, expertise and support for research to represent the needs of the population we serve. We do that by supporting initiatives for them to advocate for themselves and stand up for those who cannot speak. As an organization, we commit to speaking up on issues that are critical to us in carrying out our mandate, to influence discussion at a system level and, when appropriate, take public positions on issues that are important.

Celebrate and learn from the best.

Northwood is focused on creating opportunities for employees to take initiative in finding ways to improve the quality of service, the outcomes of care, and the lives of clients and residents who are part of the Northwood community.

Attract, develop and keep the people we need

Professional development for staff and volunteers, developing staffing models that work for clients and employees, and building our cultural competency by intentionally supporting and building a diverse team are key areas that Northwood is committed to, in building an organization that attracts people who are committed to our mission, and supporting them so they chose to continue in their role.

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