Understanding the Transition to Assisted Living

Understanding the Transition to Assisted Living

For seniors, the transition from independence to dependency can be very challenging and comes with overwhelming emotions. When someone has lived in their own home for so many years the thought of transitioning to an assisted living community can be quite intimidating, and can cause anxiety and stress in seniors. 

However, with a little bit of help, compassion, and counseling, you can help your loved one adjust to this new change positively.

In this guide we will learn the tips and strategies families can use to make the transition to assisted living a lot smoother and wholesome for everyone involved. Let’s get to it!

What Is Assisted Living?

Before diving into how you can help the seniors understand the process of transitioning to assisted living, let’s look at what Assisted Living entails.

In layman's terms, assisted living is a residence or community designed for seniors and people with disabilities who require hands-on help to carry out their daily routines. This includes medication management, assistance with grooming or using the restroom, meal serving, and laundry.

An assisted living system also includes activities and social gatherings, designed to keep seniors active and promote a healthier, more social lifestyle.

In many ways, assisted living can help seniors live a more active and healthier life while ensuring their needs are taken care of. While it may seem intimidating at first, assisted living is a great option for seniors who are having difficulties living in their own homes, as such communities help foster their mental as well as physical well-being.

The Benefits of Assisted Living

Making a move to an Assisted Living Facility can be tough. But understanding a few of these benefits can be a beautiful page-turner for both; you and your loved ones!

  1. Personalized Care:

Assisted Living Facilities assess each individual to provide them with a quality service that deems fit to their needs. For instance, your loved one might need help to maintain their hygiene or do their laundry. They might need help with walking, or someone who can help them remember things. For such purposes, these facilities have qualified nurses who offer care to your loved ones 24/7. 

  1. Say Goodbye To Loneliness and Boredom:

Too much alone time can bring about loneliness, social isolation, and depression in seniors. However, seniors residing in Assisted Living facilities are seldom bored or lonely as they are surrounded by other people of similar age. They also get access to plenty of activities like watching movies, gardening, art classes, book clubs, group discussions, and exercising which keeps them active, engaged, and entertained. The best assisted living facilities also provide seniors with access to cinema rooms, a library, a swimming pool, a gym, and other amenities.

  1. Safety Precautions:

Every assisted living facility has one top priority; the safety of its residents. They are constructed as per senior requirements and in a way that allows them proper accessibility. These facilities are made to be seniors friendly and will have necessary precautions such as grab bars and railings installed in the washrooms and on staircases. On-call staff are also always present to attend to any emergency such as a fall or an accident. 

  1. Home-like Ambiance:

To make seniors feel more at home, these facilities encourage them to bring their belongings and furniture. Not only that but assisted living facilities also provide seniors with a balanced diet and three meals per day, all of which are served in a proper dining room. Being served their favourite foods that too in a home-like ambience can help seniors quickly adjust to their new surroundings.

Tips For Easing The Transition To Assisted Living

Once a move to assisted living has been decided upon, many factors can cause your elderly loved one to get cold feet.  

It might be the fear of losing their independence, the fear of being separated from their loved ones, or the fear of an uncertain future surrounded by strange people. Some seniors also struggle because of the shift in family dynamics, as they start to feel hurt over the fact that their children are now making key decisions for them. 

Whatever the case maybe, it is important to remember that all of this is normal. While getting them prepared for the move and ensuring a smooth transition, the most daunting step is “the talk.” To make it easier, you can explain to them the advantages of Assisted Living. You can also take help from family members, support groups, and online resources, to show them the benefits of moving. You can even take them for a visit to the facility so they can get familiar with the idea of moving there and meet their caregivers.

The most important step is to choose the right community. You would ideally want a facility that is within the same area or region they were residing in. You should also consider whether the facility has trained, friendly, and experienced staff and what type of amenities and programs they offer. 

Once all that is crossed off from the list, start packing essentials like clothing, toiletries, and medications. Encourage your parents/grandparent to take their belongings like furniture, bedsheets, or anything that will make them feel more at home. The more familiarity they can bring to the new place, the faster they will settle in. 

Until they come around, you have to have patience. Remember patience is a virtue. Be understanding of your loved one's emotions and give them the space they require to wrap their mind around such a significant change.

Also, promise to visit them often, every weekend or on every holiday or occasion. Make them feel as if this is in their best interest (because it is) and explain to them why it is important not just for them, but for you as well. 

The more honestly you can communicate and be open about things the easier the transition is going to be.  

Assisted Living with Northwood Intouch:

Northwood Intouch is dedicated to helping seniors struggling with various challenges and provides them with a staff who will be on their toes around the clock to provide the utmost comfort. 

Like many other Assisted Living Communities, we also offer a monthly package. But there is something that sets us apart in the market. Our residents receive royal treatment as we provide them with personalized care plans as per their needs.

Along with that, our package includes three meals per day, all utilities, weekly housekeeping, cable/internet service, medication management, security, outings, exercises, and consistent care from highly qualified staff.

If you are someone living in Nova Scotia, we have good news for you! Your search for a good Assisted Living Facility is now over. 

For seniors struggling with daily activities and looking for support for their nutritional, hygienic, medication, and housekeeping needs, Northwood Intouch’s Assisted Living Facility is the ideal home away from home anyone could wish for!

For more information, call us at +1 (902) 492-3346 or email us at intouch@nwood.ns.ca

Understanding the Transition to Assisted Living