Northwood Intouch in Your Community

As a not-for-profit and community-based organization, Northwood Intouch relies on a network of volunteers to install and maintain our equipment. We’ve worked this way since 1986. These volunteers are members of service clubs and organizations throughout the province, and a portion of the fees we charge go back to those clubs and the surrounding community.

Our ultimate goal is to serve people in their community

More than 120 local volunteers, from 55+ clubs, share our commitment to community service and other worthwhile community projects. Our installation partners include Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Aliant Pioneers, Knights of Columbus and other community-based groups and organizations.

“We see a direct connection in what our motto is ‘we serve’ and the community services.” – Lion Hiram and Lion Ed, Armdale Fairview Rockingham Lions Club


Some examples of how our partners give back with the assistance of funds raised through this project are:

The Northwood Family

Northwood Intouch is part of a broader organization. Learn more about Northwood in the community.

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