Senior-Friendly Home Renovations for Better Accessibility

Senior-Friendly Home Renovations for Better Accessibility

In Canada, the concept of senior citizens living independently in their homes is very popular. Hence, senior-friendly home renovations are becoming more important in the design world as time goes on, and there are plenty of options available.

Whether you are someone looking for home renovation ideas for your aging parents, a caretaker looking for suggestions for seniors under your care, or an older adult looking to make their home safer and more accessible - you have landed at the perfect place.

With a focus on primary spaces like the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, we will explore all the home remodeling ideas that ensure comfort, safety, and accessibility for seniors.

Senior-Friendly Home Renovations: Creating Way For Better Accessibility

Before delving deeper into how you can make the home more senior-friendly, let’s first take a glimpse at the areas that present the most risks.

Specific Areas That Pose Risks To Seniors At Home:

While every individual’s needs are different, some specific areas require the most attention when building a senior-friendly home. The areas requiring renovations are:

  • Bathrooms: Due to their slippery surfaces, lack of support, and restricted mobility of an individual, the bathroom can be a major tripping hazard for seniors. 
  • Kitchen: The kitchen area can be risky and uncomfortable because of the cabinets, wet or hard flooring, sharp objects, and hot surfaces. 
  • Bedroom: The bedroom can also be hazardous if the pathway is cluttered and the beds have an inappropriate height with no proper support. 
  • Living Room: The living room presents potential falling hazards due to inorganized furniture, bad lighting, rugs, or cluttered hallways.

But guess what? You can overcome all these shortcomings by implementing the right features and modifications throughout the house, making it as senior-friendly as possible.

Senior-Friendly Renovations for Improved Accessibility:

Senior-friendly home renovations are done to enhance the accessibility and security of seniors living independently. 

By making thoughtful modifications, we can create an inclusive environment for seniors to navigate around the house and carry out their daily activities with the least amount of inconvenience.

When redecorating or renovating a home with seniors in mind, you should pay particular attention to the following areas:

The Bathroom: 

You can make bathrooms secure for senior citizens and lower the likelihood of accidents by putting the following strategies into practice.

  • Grab Bars: Grab bars are a necessity in a senior-friendly home. They come in a variety of heights and shapes, and they provide help and stability to seniors. They can be installed near the toilet or in the shower area.
  • Non-Slippery Flooring: ISlippery floors pose a serious risk of falling. However, this can be prevented by using non-slip flooring, such as textured tiles, vinyl flooring that is slip-resistant, or non-slip mats.
  • Walk-in Tubs: Walk-In tubs are a great solution to ensure safe shower time for seniors. They have built-in proper seating with handrails and non-slippery flooring. Furthermore, some walk-in bathtubs offer therapeutic features like whirlpools, which makes them even cooler.
  • Raised Toilet Seat: Standard toilet seats can be quite stressful for seniors. Whereas, raised toilet seats make it simpler for older adults to use the toilet by reducing the need for frequent bending and the risk of falling.

The Kitchen:

By incorporating the following strategies, you can make the kitchen a safe place for the seniors to engage in daily cooking activities while maintaining their autonomy.

  • Low Cabinets and Countertops: Seniors may find it difficult to reach cabinets and countertops. The good news is that you can make it easier for them to perform tasks by installing cabinets and countertops at a lower height when renovating.
  • Pull-out Shelves: Install pull-out shelves for better accessibility. This will also decrease the risk of accidents as everything will be easily reachable.
  • Lever Faucet: Lever faucets are a great innovation. Putting no strain over the hands, lever faucets are a great invention, for they only require a slight push/pull, making them ideal for individuals with arthritis.

The Bedroom:

Bedrooms should be built in a way where you feel safe and sound. By implementing the following strategies, you can create a relaxing and secure bedroom for the seniors.

  • Adjustable Beds: Investment in adjustable beds will enhance the senior’s quality of life. They can be adjusted according to their preference, and the head or foot side can also be raised, making it easier for the seniors to get in and out of bed. 
  • Good Lighting: To enhance visibility and prevent any tripping hazards, proper lighting is essential in the bedroom. Install bedside lamps and adequate general lighting as well. Investing in sensor-based lighting that turns on when motion is detected is another way to guarantee good lighting. 
  • Easy-to-Reach Storage: Install lower hanging rods in the closet and invest in pull-out shelves to make the storage easily accessible.
  • Non-Slippery Flooring: To reduce the risk of tripping due to slick floors, get carpeting done to ensure safety.
  • Bedside Table: Invest in a bedside table that is equipped with all the essentials like medication, phone, and flashlight.

Living Areas:

To ensure that seniors move about the house freely and securely, the following renovating strategies can be implemented. 

  • Wide Doorways: Enlarging doorways and hallways makes it easier for seniors to move around with wheelchairs and other mobility aids. This allows for easier access and prevents collision with any barriers.
  • Stair-lifts: Investing in stairlifts will be of great assistance for the seniors in moving throughout the house despite its double stories. This allows the seniors to navigate the stairs by simply pushing a button on their wheelchair and tightening the belts.
  • Improved Lighting: A well-lit house with adequate lighting in all the task areas is the key to preventing accidents and enhancing the confidence of seniors. 
  • Furniture Arrangement: Arrange furniture in a way that allows the senior to move around easily and remove all the obstacles that may be hazardous. 

Senior-Friendly Home Safety Devices - Northwood Intouch

Senior-Friendly home renovations play a crucial role in improving safety and accessibility to ensure seniors age in their own homes comfortably and provide caregivers with much-needed peace of mind.

Northwood Intouch offers plenty of home safety devices such as basic alarms, stove safety sensors, automatic fall detection devices, and automatic medication dispensers that allow seniors to live an active and independent lifestyle in their own homes - enjoying their golden years as they should. 

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Senior-Friendly Home Renovations for Better Accessibility