We are Not-For-Profit

Northwood is the largest not-for-profit continuing care organization in Atlantic Canada. We believe in people over profits. This means, the money collected from Intouch fees are distributed right back into your local community and the services we provide. 

The local service clubs who install and maintain our services receive money for their organizations. Intouch funds are also used to fund additional Northwood services like our dementia friendly fitness centre, adult day programs, the Northwood bus and the Live More Park. 

We are also proud to run a subsidy program for Intouch clients who cannot afford the monthly costs of the service.

“We see a direct connection in what our motto is ‘we serve’ and the community services.”

Hiram and Ed

Armdale Fairview Rockingham Lions Club

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We Are Local

Northwood is a not-for-profit based right here in Nova Scotia.

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We Work With Volunteers

Installed & maintained by volunteers in local communities.

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