This October, we celebrate our frontline hero's for Continuing Care Month.


Every October, we take this time to recognize the contributions made by thousands of dedicated and compassionate people who have chosen to work in the Continuing Care field. This year, dedication and compassion have meant more than ever before.

Northwood began in 1962 as a social movement in response to the plight of seniors living alone in Halifax. We continue to be dedicated to helping older adults and people at risk live more with our person-centred approach. The COVID-19 pandemic has tested us but it has not beaten us. Our approach to care relies on teamwork and the ability for us to deliver the best care possible, even during a pandemic.

With over 2,100 caring staff and more than 500 dedicated volunteers, we ensure that people live more and flourish in our community of dignity, belonging, and choice.

To all of our Continuing Care Staff: Thank you for your courage and the hard work you do every day to help keep our residents healthy, happy, and safe. It takes a special person to care for others the way you do, especially during these difficult times.



Northwood Long Service Award Recipients & Staff Profiles