The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is a yearly holiday campaign that supports our Care & Share program, ensuring that each and every Northwood resident receives a gift on Christmas morning.

For those living in long-term care, life can be lonely. Imagine having no one to share the holiday season with? Please support the The Giving Tree to help a Northwood resident feel loved. Your gift will make a difference.

How do you participate?

At each Northwood location (Bedford, Halifax, Dartmouth), a tree will be displayed with a variety of tags by late November. You can choose a tag and purchase the item on the tag, or you can choose a monetary tag to make a donation. Monetary donations will be used to purchase something for a resident. You can drop off your donations at any of our locations, or contact us to arrange a pick up.  

Would you like to be a champion for your office?

Get in touch with the contact below to get started. Here’s what you’ll do:

1. Sign up to be the champion for your office. This means that you will display the tags on a tree of your choice at your office and collect the items and money donated.

2. Spread the word about how each staff member can make a difference – every dollar makes a huge difference!

3. Ensure that people donating have written down their name and address for an official income tax receipt.

4. Collect all items by December 12th and contact us for pick up.

Thank you for embracing our Northwood Community this holiday season. Please know that your dedication and commitment to our residents will put a smile on someone’s face and a glow in their hearts. It’s hard to describe the feeling that is created when someone is remembered and not forgotten.