Our Campaigns

Are you interested in supporting the Northwood Foundation, but monetary gifts aren’t for you? We have other campaigns that we run at different times throughout the year – and we would love to have your support.

Holiday Card Campaign – Each holiday season, this campaign ensures that every one of our residents, tenants and clients receive a holiday card.

The Giving Tree – A yearly holiday campaign that supports our Care & Share program, ensuring that each and every Northwood resident receives a gift on Christmas morning.

Dignified Living Month – The Dignified Living Fund provides ongoing support to our community and clients who are struggling with medical needs not met by government, insurance or personal income, such as: Transportation to appointments, Dental work, Hearing aids, and many other necessities.

Looking for another way to support the Northwood Foundation? See how you can attend or participant in one of our events.

We measure success not in profits, but in smiles, happiness and love.

To make a donation at this time, please contact Heather at +1 (902) 454-3069