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E: intouch@nwood.ns.ca. OR P: 902-492-3346 P: 1-800-461-3346


We Give Back to the Community

As a not-for-profit and community-based organization, Northwood Intouch relies on a network of volunteers to install and maintain our equipment.

We’ve worked this way since 1986. These volunteers are members of service clubs and organizations throughout the province, and a portion of the fees we charge go directly back to those clubs and the surrounding community.

Service clubs use the money to fund various community projects. Events such as the Senior Lunch Program in Yarmouth and Middleton, and the Aliant Pioneer’s purchase of books for the blind.

Our long-term partnership is a result of Northwood’s programs that help individuals live independently at home. This aligns well with our goal, ‘of improving the quality of life in our communities.

David DeMone

Volunteer, Aliant Pioneers

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We are Not-For-Profit

Everything gets reinvested into our community.

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We Are Local

Northwood is a not-for-profit based right here in Nova Scotia.

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