The Intouch Difference

What makes Northwood Intouch different than other personal emergency alarm systems on the market?

We’ve built strong local ties to our community that have taken years of nurturing. Northwood has been in the community for more than 50 years with the Intouch services being available for 28 years. Although a lot has changed in that span of time, the trust we’ve built with our community has stood unwavering.

One unique piece that’s at the core of what Northwood Intouch stands for is our volunteers. We’ve partnered with service clubs like Kiwanis Clubs and Lions Clubs across the province who have been serving our communities for decades. These community members give their time to go over to the clients homes whenever it’s convenient for them and their families to perform these installations. It can be quite reassuring to have a community member they may already know come into their home and teach them how the service will work. The fee we charge for our installations gets funneled right back to that service club and stays in the community.

Northwood Intouch is also very pleased to offer local response centres. In an emergency when time is of the essence, you want your responder to know how to spell Musquodoboit or Tatamagouche. Our clients love that they are speaking to someone who is essentially in their own back yard. Local response centres also means we are able to keep more jobs here in the Maritimes.

Being non-profit also sets us apart because any profits we make are put directly back into other programs at Northwood such as community programming, Telecare, and our adult day program. With our non-profit designation we don’t charge our clients tax, which means the price that you see is the price that you pay.

For more information about Northwood Intouch and our services call (902)492-3346.