Stove Sensor

Automatic Stove Shut Off Sensor Device

Stopping fires before they begin.

Cooking fires are the #1 cause of home fire injuries, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Unattended cooking equipment is the leading contributing factor to kitchen fires, with the elderly and persons with disabilities being especially vulnerable.

Our solution is a Stove Sensor.

It constantly monitors motion in the area around a kitchen stove. If the oven or burners are left unattended, it shuts off, automatically, stopping fires before they can begin instead of sounding an alarm after one has already started.

The Stove Sensor is easy to install and programmable to meet the needs of each user.


Flood Detector

Preventing falls and water damage to your home.

A leaking water pipe or an overflowing bath, sink or toilet that goes undetected can cause serious and costly damage to your home. That’s why we offer the Flood Detector.

The Flood Detector is an unobtrusive sensor that provides an early, audible warning in potential flood situations. Simply place the unit on the floor under a sink, near a toilet or by the shower. When two of the unit’s sensors encounter water, the detector sounds an audible alarm. A signal is also automatically sent to the Northwood Intouch base unit, triggering a call to the local response centre where an operator will take the appropriate action.


Temperature Extremes Sensor

Not too hot, not too cold. Just right.

Extreme temperatures in your home, hot or cold, can lead to unsafe living conditions.

This wireless unit provides advanced alerts of extreme household temperatures (high, low and rapid rise). This helps minimize the risks associated with changes in temperature, including the buildup of heat in a kitchen and the risk of sustained periods of cold weather.

The sensor can send alerts to the Caresse + when temperatures reach 35˚C or higher for more than two minutes, or if the temperature in the room rises by 1°C per minute over a 30-minute period, or more than 3°C per minute over a five-minute period.

For winter vacationers, the sensor could potentially save thousands in repair bills from frozen pipes. It can also be used in facility equipment rooms to prevent equipment from overheating.

So you can relax. More comfortably.


Motion Detector

Motion can trigger an alert before you ever hear or see a thing.

The motion detector is a wireless motion sensor that detects activity or inactivity within your home. It works with the Northwood Intouch base unit to provide an immediate alert if there’s unusual motion detected–if an intruder comes in.

Or, alternatively, it can provide an unobtrusive way to monitor and report daily living activity. For instance, the motion detector can trigger an alert if there’s an unusual lack of motion in the daily routine, which could possibly mean the subscriber isn’t feeling well. Someone can be notified of the inactivity, who could then check to see if they’re okay. Perfect for someone living alone.

The motion detector is a wireless device that can also be adjusted so small pets won’t set it off. Activity monitoring using the motion detector is another way to give yourself peace of mind.

It can trigger an alert if:

  • There’s an unusual lack of motion in a loved one’s daily routine, possibly indicating they’re not feeling well
  • An intruder enters the home
  • A person leaves and does not return

Door Contact Sensor

An open and shut way to protect loved ones.

There are a lot of reasons to monitor doors and windows— to prevent someone with dementia from accidentally wandering away, to protect against intruders, or to monitor daily activities. That’s why we offer the Door Contact Sensor.

When a door is opened the sensor sends a silent signal to the base unit. The base unit can be programmed to respond by simply tracking the daily living activity (such as opening a medicine cabinet or refrigerator door) or, if appropriate, sending an alert so assistance can be provided quickly. This wireless Door Contact Sensor is battery operated with an average life of 5 to 7 years depending on usage and application. Choosing the Door Contact Sensor is an open and shut decision.

Pressure Mat

Placed discreetly under a rug or mat, this sensor alerts help when the user wanders beyond a safe area and does not return within a designated time.