Numera Companion Pendant

The Companion Pendant

The Companion Pendant is a small button that will call for help via the On the Move when you need help. It can be worn around the neck or on the wrist – and is water resistant.  Perfect for wearing to bed or in the bath/shower.

The Companion Pendant connects to the On the Move device by Bluetooth.

Intouch Pendant
Intouch Watch
  • Easy one button operation.
  • 300-plus foot signal will cover all areas of most homes.
  • Signal travels through walls and around corners (line of sight not required).
  • Water resistant enclosure (safe for shower and bath).
  • Each Companion Pendant is individually serialized so multiple remotes can be used in the same location.
  • Understated design – The pendant may be worn on the lanyard or in the wristband

2 year battery that does not need to be charged.

Please note that the companion pendant does not have automatic fall detection.

Pricing information:

Additional monthly fees apply.  

Please call for pricing.  (902) 492-3346 or 1-800-461-3346

With all that Intouch has provided for families and caregivers, gives them a peace of mind and a reassurance of safety in their environment

Beverly Dixon-David

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