Bed Sensor

Sometimes emergencies take place while getting up, or during the night. That’s why we offer the bed/chair sensor.  The sensor wirelessly connects to the Northwood Intouch base unit and automatically calls the Response Centre (or designated caregiver), if an event is detected.

How Does it Work?

The bed alarm monitors if someone gets out of bed within a specific timeframe (i.e. during overnight hours).  The alarm can be set to:

  • alert as soon as they get out of bed or
  • alert if they have not returned to bed within a pre-set time, indicating a potential fall, sickness or wandering event.  
To learn if this device is right for your situation, please give us a call at (902)-492-3346 or 1-800-461-3346 to learn more.

Mrs. M, is in her Late 80’s and wife to her 86 year old husband. He has dementia and obessive compulsive disorder. She looks after him in their home. 

Because her husband was getting up throughout the night and she was concerned for his safety, she was sleeping in the chair next to his bed. Needless to say she wasn’t getting very much sleep. Her OT recommended our service and in particular the bed alarm. Shortly after having it installed, she called to tell us the following: 

“The first night it went off when he got up. It scared the bejeebees out of both of us! But it worked and we’re both getting used to it now. 

During the day, I would have to get up 4-5 times to check him, but now I don’t have to. 

The bed alarm is saving me steps, worry and concern. Thank you ever so much!” 

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