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Bed Alarm for Seniors Canada

Sometimes emergencies take place while getting up, or during the night. That’s why we offer the bed/chair sensor. The sensor wirelessly connects to the Northwood Intouch base unit and automatically calls the Response Centre (or designated caregiver), if an event is detected. 


How Does the Bed Sensor Work?

The bed alarm monitors if someone gets out of bed within a specific time-frame (i.e. during overnight hours). The alarm can be set to:

  • alert as soon as they get out of bed or
  • alert if they have not returned to bed within a pre-set time, indicating a potential fall, sickness, or wandering event. 
To learn if this device is right for your situation, please give us a call at (902)-492-3346 or 1-800-461-3346 to learn more.
Bed Alarm for Seniors Canada

Mrs. M, is in her Late 80’s and wife to her 86 year old husband. He has dementia and obessive compulsive disorder. She looks after him in their home. 

Because her husband was getting up throughout the night and she was concerned for his safety, she was sleeping in the chair next to his bed. Needless to say she wasn’t getting very much sleep. Her OT recommended our service and in particular the bed alarm. Shortly after having it installed, she called to tell us the following: 

“The first night it went off when he got up. It scared the bejeebees out of both of us! But it worked and we’re both getting used to it now. 

During the day, I would have to get up 4-5 times to check him, but now I don’t have to. 

The bed alarm is saving me steps, worry and concern. Thank you ever so much!” 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Bed Alarms For Seniors?

  • Prevents Falls and Injuries
  • Reduces Instances Of Sleepwalking
  • Gives More Freedom And Flexibility To The Caregiver

Using a bed alarm helps in the prevention of falls and injuries. While caring for a senior the most feared thing is falling. The risk of falling increases with age. Seniors that are frail or have a neurological condition such as Parkinsons are even more prone to falling. 

Having a bed alarm can alert their Caregiver When help is needed. A bed alarm will allow the senior to get help in time in case of an emergency.

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Bed Sensor FAQS

The use of bed alarms and bed sensors helps reduce instances of sleepwalking in elderly individuals that suffer from dementia and forgetfulness. These individuals and seniors might try to get out of bed and leave their homes, either intentionally or accidentally. Having a bed alarm helps in preventing an unforeseen situation because it will sound an alarm the moment that person leaves the bed. 

It gives more freedom and flexibility to the caregivers. A caretaker can monitor the person they are caring for without having to be with them all of the time.

It also gives them peace of mind that the person they’re caring for  is safe in bed while they are away.  Having a bed alarm means you do not have to sleep with one eye open, sit by someone’s  bed all day long, or stand outside the bedroom throughout the evening.

We recommend a wireless Bed Alarm System because it is more convenient to use and requires no interaction from the person with dementia. This passive  alarm gives you the ability to move it around as needed.  It is also monitored 24/7 by a response centre.

Yes, safety bed alarms as a part of a comprehensive fall prevention plan will reduce falls. But it is important to keep in mind that you cannot reduce falls with an alarm alone.

A bed alarm can only notify you whether the person is getting out of their bed and has not returned to bed.

To reduce falls you might need to use other methods as well, such as setting up bed rails, ensuring adequate lighting and removing any tripping hazards.

Bed alarms use a sensor pad and a wireless alarm unit. The sensor pad is used to detect weight decrease. If there is a significant weight decrease, it will send an alarm through the unit to the emergency response centre. 

The pad itself gets placed under the mattress, in the area under the hips of the person using it.

Installing a bed alarm can help in fall prevention and give your elderly loved one a better outlook on health. Peace of mind is everything when it comes to taking care of the elderly. And devices such as this help you get just that!

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