Top Games For Seniors

Board games

Qwirkle: mix and match tiles with different shapes and colours, scoring points by completing or adding to lines of the same shapes or colours

Dixit: Out-bluff your opponents while using your imagination to match stories to beautifully illustrated cards

Ticket to ride: Claim as many north American railway routes as you can by collecting illustrated train cards and reaching more cities than your opponents within a short amount of time

Ubongo: Race against other players as you try to solve puzzles of interlocking geometric shapes in order to grow your treasure of gems

Jenga: Beware of gravity as you try not to be the one who pulls out the wooden block that makes the whole tower come crashing down

Bugs in the kitchen: Set the path and lure the little scuttling bug into your trap before anyone else does

Tsuro: Lay your own tiled path while avoiding the paths of other players that can send you the wrong way or off the board completely.

Chronology: Put your historical knowledge to the test by trying to be first one to build a 10-card timeline based the correct order of events.

Timeline: Place the two sided cards in chronological order without seeing the actual year each thing was invented.

Cranium: Be the first one to circle the board by successfully solving the puzzles and other challenges that will have you acting, guessing, sculpting, sketching and humming along.

Chess: Use your most creative strategies to protect your king from the opponent while putting their king into checkmate

Dominoes: Play all of your domino tiles before the other players by laying them down end-to-end with matching tiles that have already been played

WII – Enjoy these e-games of all sorts, from bowling to racing to fitness classes. Nintendo’s WII consul allows the user to use the machine that best suits their lifestyle.

Phone and tablet games

Bejeweled: Swap bright gems of different shapes and colours in order to form rows of matching gems, earn points and move to the next level

Words with friends 2: Challenge your friends or family to crossword style mobile game that’s similar to scrabble.

Solitaire and Spider solitaire: any of various card games played by one person, the object of which is to use up all one’s cards by forming particular arrangements and sequences.

Candy Crush Saga: Switch around colourful pieces of candy in order to form a three of a kind match and reach a particular goal within a time limit or fixed number of moves

Card Games

Gin Rummy: Get all of your cards into sequences and/or groups of the same rank before your opponent does

Bridge: Choose a playing partner and work together to defeat another team by making bids and winning tricks

Canasta: Play this rummy-style game with a partner, scoring points by collecting sets of cards that have the same ranks

Cribbage: use a special peg board to jeep score as you try to win by being the first player to reach 121 points

Spades: Partner up with somebody and play together as you bid on the strength of your hands and get as close as you can to the estimate when winning tricks.

Crazy eights: Get rid of your cards before the other players by laying down eights or cards of specified suit.

Old maid: Discard your cards as quickly as possible by laying down pairs of matching cards until one person is left holding the card designated as the old maid.

Snap: Win every card in the desk by frequently being the first one to yell “snap!” when a play turns a card face up that matches another players upturned card somewhere else on the table.

Go fish: Collect pairs as you ask opponents for cards matching a particular card in your hand or go fishing from the un-dealt deck when they don’t have them.

War: collect all the cards in the deck by winning enough battles in which your card outranks your opponent’s

UNO: Be the first player to get rid of all your cards by matching them, one by one, to the upturned colour or number on the top of the deck.

Phase 10: Complete 10 hands of rummy-style play, each one requiring you to collect a different grouping of numbers and or colours with the risk of being left behind.

Dice games

Bunco: Win as many points as you can by rolling numbers that match each numbered round of play

Liar’s dice: Outlast your opponents by successfully deceiving them a derecognizing when they are bluffing you.