Connecting with Continuing Care

“Continuing Care serves persons who need ongoing care, either on a long-term or short-term basis. In Nova Scotia, Continuing Care Services, including a range of home and community care and long-term care services, are administered and delivered by the provincial health authority, and funded by the Department of Health and Wellness (DHW).

The provincial health authority employs care coordinators who provide assessments and case management. They determine the type and level of care needed and authorize services.” According to the Living Well Continuing Care Services information in PDF format provided by the Province of Nova Scotia. 

The government of Nova Scotia has provided a lot of resources and information on their website for individuals to use when making an informed decision about the form of continuing care they would require. The provide information on Policy and Standards, Supportive Care, Self Managed Care and much more. 

In Nova Scotia there are many ways in which continuing care can be provided to an individual. From adult day programs to, home care, to support or assisted living or to having medical devices which help you to maintain your independence. No matter what form of continuing care you choose, it’s important to get the right one for you. 

Caregivers Nova Scotia has created lists to help individuals find the right type of care for them. 

The lists include: 
Some of the organizations worth highlight are: 
  • NSHA Locations for continuing care: This will help those who want to know more about the provincial options and how they can get into the system. 
  • 211: By dialing 211 or heading over to their website, you’ll be able to not only locate but also find information about the resources that are available to you within Nova Scotia. 
  • Alzheimer’s Nova Scotia: This is the place to get information, resources and support. Living with or watching someone life with dementia is not an easy task. That’s why Alzheimer’s NS is here to help.
  • Canadian Mental Health Association – NS Division: Everyone at some point in their lives will struggle with some form of mental health or another. CMHA is here to help you not only navigate those issues but teach you how to help others. 
  • Legal Aid Nova Scotia: Know your rights. Understand the law and when people are trying to scam you. 

These are only some of the organizations within the lists provided by Caregivers NS. 

Here at Northwood Intouch we believe in the power of aging in place. Providing someone with the tools and resources to be safe and confident in their own home is a large part of why we exist. It’s important to us to provide as much as possible to as many as possible while still maintaining that high level of quality.

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