Best Medication Reminder Alarms For Seniors

Best Medication Reminder Alarms For Seniors

To stay healthy, an individual must take their medication on time. Even though this is easier said than done, it is extremely important. 

Individuals, especially seniors, are more susceptible to forgetting to take their medications in a timely manner and/or in the right doses. Seniors diagnosed with dementia are even more at risk of medication mismanagement.

Taking the wrong medications or failing to take medications on time can aggravate existing health conditions and lead to complications. Medication reminders, automatic pill dispensers, and even basic alarms can help ensure medication schedule compliance.

In this article, we will look at the best medication reminders for seniors that are made using the latest technology and offer many convenient and lifesaving features that are essential for senior medication management.

5 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers For Ultimate Peace Of Mind!

Since keeping track of complicated medication schedules is difficult for seniors, medical alert system companies have introduced different types of medication reminders and daily alarms. These reminders can work with a medicine dispenser to help seniors follow their medication schedules in a timely and efficient manner. 

1. Automated Medication Dispenser By Northwood Intouch

This automated medicine dispenser by Northwood Intouch alerts the user and sends pill medication reminders when it’s time to take certain medicines, reducing medication errors. 

Tamper-proof compartments also eliminate the risk of improper or unscheduled doses and help give individuals peace of mind knowing that they are adhering to the medication schedules as prescribed by their doctor.

This medicine dispenser for seniors is also fully programmable and can adapt to changing medication schedules with ease. It acts as an excellent memory aid for individuals who experience forgetfulness. 

Other features include an easy-to-read display that can be viewed from any angle. The device offers 48 hours of battery backup and can hold 28 doses of medication. 

The device reduces the risk of hospitalization, and offers peace of mind to caregivers, seniors, and family members. 

For those looking for a reliable and affordable automated medication dispenser in Canada Northwood Intouch is your best bet!

2. Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer

The Sagely Smart weekly automatic pill dispenser comes with a free reminder app for Apple and Android devices. This way seniors will be reminded to take their medication no matter where they are as long as they have a smartphone.

The large design fits all types of medications and vitamins to ensure all pills are together and compartmentalized. 

3. Med-Q Digital Pill Box Dispenser

An alarm clock and pill box dispenser are integrated into this medication reminder device. To remind you which pill to take, a loud, blaring alarm is accompanied by a light-up pill box. Its top displays the time and estimated battery life. It also has an anti-skid bottom that provides secure placement.

4. Med Minder

Med Minder can be rented on a monthly basis and features compartments that unlock only at a pre-scheduled time. 

First, the compartment flashes, the dispenser beeps, and finally, the user receives a phone reminder. If the user has not taken their medication, then all caregivers will receive an email or text. 

The downsides are that the unit is expensive, can be a bit tricky to program, and isn’t as reliable as some of the other units on this list. It is also not available in Canada. 

5. Tabtime Vibe Vibrating Pill Timer Reminder

This device comes with 5 tablet compartments and five audio and vibrating programmable alarms that make it great for travelling and when on the move. The device allows you to set a daily vibrating alarm to ensure you are taking your meds on time no matter where you are. 

It offers an easy set up and has a large easy-to-read display. With its slim profile, seniors can carry it in their pocket or a bag with relative ease.

Why Might Seniors Need A Medication Reminder?

A senior can benefit from a medication reminder or an auto pill dispenser if they:

  • Need to take multiple pills at specific times of the day
  • Often find themselves taking pills late or missing out on medication cycles
  • Suffer from memory loss, dementia, or age-related memory issues
  • Sometimes find themselves mixing up pills or medication schedule

Northwood Intouch - A One-Stop-Shop For Life-Saving Elderly Devices

A modern medication reminder and dispensing system is designed keeping in mind real-world scenarios. Automatic medication dispensers such as the one offered by Northwood Intouch, are easy to use, fully programmable, and offer an audible alarm that reminds seniors it is time to take their medication and automatically dispense said medication in the correct dosage.

These devices offer independence, freedom, and peace of mind, for both seniors and caregivers. Subscription models have also made these devices quite affordable for seniors in Canada.
For more information on how to keep seniors safe, healthy, and active, all year round, visit Northwood Intouch or give us a call at (902)-492-3346 or 1-800-461-3346.

Best Medication Reminder Alarms For Seniors