Recent Research



On February 12, Dr. Strang will be announcing a study looking at the safety and effectiveness of UV light for infection control. The study is to see if Far-UVC light can kill airborne viral transmissions, including the SARS CoV-2 virus, in long-term care facilities. Northwood is excited to announce that our Halifax Campus will be participating in this research study along with Windsor Elms Village in Falmouth.

Certain neighbourhoods at the Halifax Campus will be randomly assigned to have either far-UVC lights installed in common areas (treated) or matching placebo lights without UVC capabilities (control). Both groups will continue to receive standard disinfecting procedures The UVC and fluorescent lights will be placed in high traffic areas (e.g. dining rooms, main corridors).

An important first part of the study will include engaging residents and staff of the participating neighborhoods to ensure key perspectives, fears and considerations of residents, families/caregivers, and staff are included in the implementation of the UVC study. Interviews will be conducted via a virtual (video) platform and/or telephone at the preference of the participant and their families/caregivers.

The study will also include an advisory council with diverse expertise to ensure scientific rigour, quality, safety, ethical standards and experience of residents and staff.

Please find attached a UV Project Q+A for more information.