UVC Light Study

The goal of this research study is to address whether far-UVC light reduces the incidence of influenza-like illnesses, respiratory illnesses, and COVID-19 infections in long-term care facilities. The two long-term care facilities involved in the study are Northwood’s Halifax Campus and Windsor Elms.

The primary study objectives are:

  1. To determine whether far-UVC light causes a reduction in the incidence of influenza-like illnesses, respiratory infections, and COVID-19 infections, among residents in long term care facilities.
  2. To determine whether using far-UVC light increases the incidence of erythema and photokeratitis among residents and staff in long-term care facilities.

With these objectives in mind and knowing that age-related factors result in serious respiratory infections, hospitalizations, and greater mortality, the researchers seek to enhance public health measures in long term care in the simplest most sustainable way.

Far-UVC Light Study

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