Going Above & Beyond With Beverly Dixon-David, Home Support Worker

1. What does Enhancing the Experience: Every Person, Every Day mean to you?

It’s so good to know that when service is being provided to clients, I can go that extra mile to help them maintain their independence in their home and community, with family and friends whom they cherish.

2. What sort of extras do you do for your clients?

Getting them a glass of water; making their bed; opening jars or bottles; peeling vegetables; watering plants; picking something up; getting the mail; smiling; listening; being confident; before leaving, making sure they’re alright; and always having a sense of humor

3. Has the new philosophy of care changed the way you do your job?

Northwood’s philosophy has always been for adults to make the best of their lives. The ‘new’ philosophy certainly has not changed my job, it just has expanded my call of duty to C – Compassion, A – Assist, R-Respect, E – Empowerment

4. What do you think it means to clients?

To hear clients say comments like ‘ I don’t know what I would do without this service’ and even at times, to see them so thankful. Right there, it speaks volumes to me that it means a lot to them.